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JNIT promotes a culture of individual and professional growth within an environment of continuous learning and team collaboration.

The individuals/staff working with the company benefit from flexibility in working environment that encourages creativity and skills development. All the staff is motivated to expand their understanding of all aspects of the problem, i.e. the technical and user sides, while remaining engaged in the areas of their interest and expertise.

Our Work Culture includes:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Motivating Employees
  • Follow Ethics
  • Collaboration and Team work
  • Encourage Innovation & Creativity
  • Maximum Utilization of Resources
  • Social Responsibility

At JNIT, we value the efforts and achievements of our people that come in many forms. We designed an incentive program to recognize past performance as well as to stimulate abiding career development. We expect our people to take ownership for delivering excellent results, and to share in the rewards of success.


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