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JNIT Technologies serves companies in the Automobile, Communication, Computing, Health Care, Life Sciences, and Consumer electronics segments in the technology/high-tech industry. The Practice helps reduce time-to-market, create opportunities for revenue enhancement and maximize return on investments thereby enabling companies to achieve business transformation together.

The JNIT Technologies Team has creative freedom and they can exchange opinions, ideas, passions and dynamisms to enrich them and to reach their goals. This ambience of mutual cooperation and respect at work arena helps them to achieve the best results. We have a strategic approach in attracting and retaining the best talents and developing a winning team through continuous learning in a collaborative environment. We use the simple but highly effective practice of a JAD (Joint Application Design) session to identify the client's desired destination solution and also the path to get us there.

The skills and dedication of JNIT professionals assure that your project is flawless and dynamic in quality, appearance and performance.


About Us

JNIT have hands on expertise in Software and web development services in various industries like Healthcare, Education, and Automation etc....


Cloud Services

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Product Testing

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